Understanding What’s Ruined

In every plan we make, almost every plan, there will always be something -or someone- that will ruin our plan. Then, the matter is that it takes an important part of our plan. Blow up. Turn down. Cross outside. Whatever it did, it ruined the plan. Okay. So, what should we do? Get mad? Or... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry, Just Give.

To give what you need, what you want, and what you love. It looks like not easy. But hey let's think again. You feel a bad thing, you won't let people you know to feel it so. Like, When you got a broken heart, so you don't want your best friend to feel it to.... Continue Reading →

How Do You Do?

Hi. Ummm... What should I say right now? LOL okay. Hi. Welcome to my blog! It's my second blog actually. The first one? No, I deleted it. (no need to tell you my reason πŸ˜‰ ) So, I made this blog to share what I want to share. To be honest, I want to share... Continue Reading →

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