Perfecto | From Filkop to Boldiest

Came to Boldiest Cafe again for the second time, I got this special coffee, Perfecto! But this time, my purpose not only to try to do manual brew -as you read on my recent post “Serve It with Pleasure“- but to taste all of those kind of coffee.

Noticed their Instagram’s feed, right then I cannot wait to taste all of those filkop’s signature coffee.


Came here on the evening (about 8pm), and I didn’t have my dinner. So, I ordered one Aglio O’lio With Shrimp . Got confused a moment to decide what kind of coffee should I drink this time, between Perfecto Cappuccino or  Tiwus Tubruk. But then, My choice went to Perfecto Cappuccino.




Why do I choose Perfecto Cappuccino instead of Tiwus, kind of coffee that I want to taste the most?

Becaaaause… I read the specifications of each coffee. Spec of Perfecto, Tiwus, and Lestari. I got it from official website . They explain about the type of coffee, origin, process, characteristics, tasting notes, even the recommendation note. Here’s the screenshot of Perfecto and Tiwus’ spec bellow.

Perfecto’s description
Tiwus’ description

Look at the characteristics. Perfecto has “smooth after taste”, while Tiwus has “Strong after taste”. I watched the video on Jenahara’s youtube channel, about her interview with Ben & Jody in Filosofi Kopi, Ben said thet Perfecto is recommended for espresso base coffee such as cappuccino, latte, flat white, etc. While Tiwus is better on tubruk or manual brewing.

Based on those description, I conclude that Tiwus is better if you drink it in the morning or afternoon to boost up your day (’cause of the “strong after taste”). At that time, I came in the evening. Didn’t wanna take a risk, I choose Perfecto Cappuccino, was thinking that I may not stay up all night because of the less caffeine on Cappuccino (mixing either espresso and milk), and the “smooth after taste”. Beside, to keep fulfill my desire about tasting Tiwus, I decided to come back again on the next day (means tomorrow! InsyaaAllah).

Well, let’s talk about how Perfecto taste like.

Don’t really understand about the calculation of how to make a good coffee start from grinder, I just knowledgeably about how it smell like. 😀 *I admit that I’m still amateur about coffee.

The barista started weigh the coffee beans, he said it must be 17 grams. When he poured it into the scale, I asked him to put one Perfecto coffee bean. And he let me to! 😀 Ahaaaa I should keep it well then. 😉 *and the smell of it is soooo gooooddd~~

Next, he put the beans into the grinder machine. He need to adjust the machine, to make good coffee powder. Bbrrrrrrrzzzzz bbrrzzz bbbrrrrzzzzzzzzz~~~ Done! He made it! I asked him to let me smell it. Well, yeahh, I was so knowledgeably so, I just can tell you that it smells like wheat, but it is coffee. Is it okay if I say it is coffee flour? Okay, that’s what I feel, “coffee flour”.

Then, he started making the espresso. Didn’t notice about the water temperature, but last time I came here, they said that they make it on 90°C. Next, he poured the steamed milk onto the espresso. Done! He gave me the perfecto cappuccino.

I tasted it, I felt it. It was strong yet smooth. I though it was too must milk on it was too smooth for the first taste. But then, after I eat up my Aglio O’lio, it tasted different.

No, it does not because the spices of Aglio O’lio, but because the separated coffee and milk in it.

It feels strong body, more than before. Idk is it the real taste of perfecto, but it’s pretty nice. Real coffee. Feel a bit smooth after it. I’d like to drink more. It is pretty satisfaction.

Still need to taste Tiwus to feel the different between.

Anyway, about the caffeine. Now, it’s 12:43 am. I’m awake. No sleepy. Not sure, what time will I sleep? Feels like I’m so reckless to drink coffee tonight, because tomorrow (or today!) there are something I have to do with my partner. u.u

Well, it’s all about tonight. Perfecto Cappuccino.

“Success is the existence of the perfect life.”

-The philosophy of Perfecto


The beverage is up, time to go back home. 😉

See ya,

Ismidita 🙂


P.S. Didn’t bring my DSLR, all pics were taken with my phone. Sorry-not-sorry for the less quality than before. 😉



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