MnG with Ben & Jody from Filosofi Kopi The Movie

“It started out as a feeling. Which then turn into a hope. Which then turn into a quiet though. Which then turn into a quiet word. And then that word grow louder and louder. ’til it was the battle cry. You’ll come back when it’s over. No need to say good bye.”

Regina Spektor – The Call

Well, yeah, that was a part of a good song that suddenly appear in my mind when I start writing this post.

Okay, let’s begin this story.

It started out when my pal, Laila, stalked Chicco Jerico’s stories on his Instagram account. Then, voilla!! We saw that they wer on their way to Semarang!

Oh God! This was such a big chance!

We went to Citraland XXI immediately. Then we got the tickets for Meet and Greet with Ben and Jody from Filosofi Kopi 2. This MnG was held inside the theater, right after we watch the movie.

And yeah, I watched this movie again!

When the movie was over, they came from behind of the room.

Yeah! We saw them! We met them! Ben and Jody were in front of us. Could you just imagine how happy we are? 😀

Laila was so lucky because she could shake hands from both of them, Rio and Chicco. She was so happy. Very happy. And I? I just clicked on my camera, took their pictures.


They greeted us, then we screamed.

They had a quiz. For only 3 people. They asked us to take a pic with our friend “Sahabat Sejati”, then post it to Instagram. Write a caption about one of philosophy from the movie, add hashtags #BenJodi #Filosofikopi #SahabatSejati. Only the first three poeple who would get the official merchandises from Filosofi Kopi 2.

We didn’t get it. *keep smile, Dita!*:)

This moment only happened for awhile. They went to the exit door. We went out the theater.

But fortunately, when we were outside, we saw the walked into the cinema again! They came into the Officer room.

We saw them had their snacks inside. Every time the door open (because of some committees who came inside-outside), we screamed their name.

“AAAAAWWW Beeennn Jooodyyy…!!! AAAAWWW…!!”

“HEEEEEYYYY Chiccooo Rio Riiiooo… Aaaaawww!!”

Okay, just imagine by yourself how this screams sound like.

Then the moment we’d been waiting finally happened. They came out!


Just click the image to view the full size. 🙂

They went inside to theater 4 again for the next round of MnG.

This is such a good night!

Laila was so happy because she got to shake their hands. I was happy because I could take their pics.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-19 at 05.30.02

This is a picture that @filkopmovie posted on their Instagram Stories. Can you spot me there? Or Laila?

Can you spot Chicco and Rio?

Pretty dark ’cause of the low light inside the theater. But, yeah, you can notice the crowded!

Such a happy night. We went home with cheers in out mind.



’til next time,

Ismidita. 😉


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