Hey-Ho, New Fella!


So, last month I bought my first DSLR (yippiiiieee 😀 ). I’d been looking for the good one for me. Then I found a very nice photographer’s blog. He posts many good feeds about photography. He is Danilu (daniluphoto). Just check out his good work here.

I commented on one of his post to ask about what DSLR I should own. Then he recommended either the Canon Rebel T5i or Nikon D3400. I compared the spec of both. My choice came to Nikon D3400. Check out the full spec of it right here.

Few days later, I did my first trial of my first “big-weapon” (cause I used to photograph with my camera phone). I went to the city park. There’re a playground area too.

Well, here are some of my first-click-trials.

Still need to adapt with the setting operation. Especially about the Brightness Compensation and the Manual Focus. Tried the P-S-A-M mode too. This are my A-mode.

For the first time, really need to adapt my eye with the manual-focus. But, as the time goes by, I can handle it now.


Let’s see another photos… Just click the image to view the full size.

Well, as I told you, this was my first trial. Absolutely need another trial for better results. Gonna post more pics of mine on this blog and my instagram (@ismidita).

Very welcomed for any advice, and I really need your advice(s) to be the better me. 😀

Sincerely yours,

Ismidita. ^^


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