From the Dinning Table

June 15th, my classmates and I did a Iftar-Gathering. We booked at D’Cost Restaurant one big table, for 20 people.

This is Electronical Engineering Class, so that’s why most of us are boys. 😀 There’re only 6/20 girls in the class. But we very enjoy of every moment we’ve already made. ^_^

We always have many jokes that we could repeat over and over again. Funny as always. Never lose any stuff to joke about.

There were one funny thing we joked about. Our “funny-icon”, Iqbal, we gave him a challenge to drink one full glass that contain some random ingredient. Not really random, but we collect all of the rest tea of our own glass IN ONE GLASS. Then we add some, I’m not really sure what it is, some pieces of out meals.

Iqbal accept the challenge with one requirement: Payment! He will only drink it if we pay him. We said the deal. Some of us took out the money.

Haha yea we really did that. We collect the money.

But we’re not that bad. We know that this was bad for health so we broke the challenge. We toke the money back, and Iqbal were saved.


It was almost 7p.m., almost time out. We prepared to go to Tugu Muda. Yep! We continued our night to hang out on the city park. Night-life mode: ON.

Joke continued. Some of us took a walk around the monument. Another ones choose to stay and had some jokes.

And finally, of course, The Group Photo.

Well, that was our night. May we’ll remember this moment one day. ^_^

See you,

ismidita. 😉


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