Jogja-Trip |Sadranan Beach

Weeks ago (Feb 25th, 2017), my classmates and I took a one-day-trip to Jogja (Yogyakarta). We spent all day long to explore Jogja. Start from Sadranan Beach, then Mangunan Pine Forest (Imogiri), and last but not least Tamansari Water Castle. So, this is the best part of this fabulous trip, Sadranan Beach. 🙂

This trip began around 11pm (Feb 24th) by gathered on Bayu’s boarding house. We rent two cars, so in part of us took those cars on that time. While they were taking the cars, we prepared about everything we need to bring up on our trip.

The cars were ready, all of us gathered. We planned about the sitting position in the cars. Devided by 8 people. I got a position in second car. Middle seat, behind the driver, beside the door. I was in one car with Ika, Zaky, Dicky, Rio, Bayu, Asep, and Habib. The driver is Rio, and Dicky as the co-driver, so he got the front seat. The position was setted, we were ready to go. 😀

We started traveling around midnight. We planed to reach the beach in early morning. You know, begin the journey in midnight is a bit frightening, cause we need to stay awake all night long, againts the sleepy vibe, againts those big vehicles (such as the trucks, containers, etc). And thank God, we’ve trained to stay awake all night by made those college projects lol 😀 (Thankyou Mr. BETA)

Around 3pm we took a rest on the gass station. After those fears againt the winding roads, and other big vehicles, we finally could breathe in peace. Fiuhh, alhamdulillah.

Fullfilled the gass. Drank some drinks. Did the stretching. We were ready to continue our jurney.

We reached the main gate of the beach complex around 4:30am. We paid Rp 10k/person for the tickets. That beach complex is very wide, we opened the Google Maps to find the way that heads to Sadranan Beach. It was a long way though we passed the main gate.

On our way to the beach, there was an amazing view. Worderful view of the sky when I pulled down the window. This is my most favorite part of this journey.

The Constellation!

Yes. What a wonderful sky! I could see the stars above clearly when I looked up through the window. I screamed obviously! 😀

I love constellation! That was the second time I saw constellation, and that was the best constellation I ever saw!😍💛

MasyaAllah.  I remember of one ayat of Al-Qur’an, surah Ali ‘Imran

Allah SWT berfirman:

اِنَّ فِيْ خَلْقِ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالْاَرْضِ وَاخْتِلَافِ الَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ لَاٰيٰتٍ لِّاُولِى الْاَلْبَابِ

“Sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan langit dan bumi, dan pergantian malam dan siang terdapat tanda-tanda (kebesaran Allah) bagi orang yang berakal,”

(QS. Ali ‘Imran: Ayat 190)

Then Rio noticed me that he got one more beautiful thing, crescent!

Ooohhhh what a wonderful sky! Contellation + crescent = 💙💛💚

Seems like I couldn’t stop watching that view. I didn’t capture that view cause my camera is not supported. But it still stucks on my mind. 😉


We reached the beach! Actually, we reached the parking area of Sadranan Beach hehee… But we could see the waves right from our cars.

Before we play on the beach, we looked for the mushala and bathroom. We found the mushala right ahead the parking area. And I found a proper bathroom for rent. We paid Rp 2k for the bathroom.

And yeah! We were ready! Turned on the camera, aaand shot!

Early Morning View of Sadranan Beach. February 25th, 2017. 5:46am.

Then our happiness began…

And apparently, we were not alone… Some sunrise-hunters had been comin’. 😉

Children Play on! February 25th, 2017. 5:46am.
Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
Me, Myself, and I! February 25th, 2017. 5:59am.
Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
Run over the waves. February 25th, 2017. 6:00am.
Hey-ho, Sneakerhead! February 25th, 2017. 6:11am
Late Sunrise View (didn’t catch the sun-flare). February 25th, 2017. 6:13am.
Perfff levitation! February 25th, 2017. 6:17am.
Chase the waves. February 25th, 2017. 6:18am.
Patas-Gigi Rangers. February 25th, 2017. 6:30am.
😀 . February 25th, 2017. 6:30am.
Step out of waves. February 25th, 2017. 6:31am.
Haha haha! February 25th, 2017. 6:33am.
Girls Talks. February 25th, 2017. 6:34am.

Heeyy… We’re talking about beach! Let’s play along with the sands!

Love-shaped on purpose. February 25th, 2017. 6:40am.
Spread the sands! February 25th, 2017. 6:43am.
Put up the shell. February 25th, 2017. 6:47am.
Lift up the isle. February 25th, 2017. 6:49am.
Pretend it as the snow. February 25th, 2017. 6:59am.
Attacked by the wave. Came back to reality 😀 . February 25th, 2017. 6:59am.
Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
Let’s just play along and have fun! February 25th, 2017. 07:00am.
Maka a pose, guys! February 25th, 2017. 7:02am.
Free Poses. February 25th, 2017. 7:02am.
Wanna did levitation but, yeah, wathever! 😀 . February 25th, 2017. 7:03am.
A-ha! They did it! February 25th, 2017. 7:04am.
Come in, Girls! February 25th, 2017. 7:07am.

Theeeenn we did the group photo. We thanked the tripod heheheee 😁


Feeling exhausted (and hungry), we stepped aside to the gazebo. Had some breakfast and took a rest. After having their breakfast, the drivers chose to take a nap. The rest of us took a bath, bought some souvenirs, came back again to the water, and I chose to get a sunbathing.

Not litterally a sunbathing like wearing a bikini, NOOO … I’d like to dry up my skirt right on the coral. Yeaahh,, so I just stood up on the coral, swing along my skirt, felt the breeze of the sea, and I realized someting good to capture.


Yup! I turned on my camera and catch my silhouette on the sands…

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

By that pic, I realized another good-thing to catch up.


Do you notice the waves that rise up from the coral from the previous pic? Yeah. After catching the silhouette, I decided to catch the levitation of the waves over the coral. Pssstt… My friends said that this one is the best-shot of the beach. 😉

First try. Still adapt with the unexpected waves.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Shot by shot. Guessing the perfect time about when will the wave reach the perfect “levitation”, I didn’t give up.

And this is it! My best-shot of the beach!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

What do you think? Leave it on the comment down bellow. Hehee… I love the splash. Tbh, capturing the splash like this (especially natural waves) is more harder than capture the people levitation. There’s no counting down and notice to jump, it is natural, all by the nature. But the sensation when you did it is very very vey aaaand very wonderfull! 🙂

Aaaa and one more… I think a good soundtrack of this journey is How Far I’ll Go from Moana. 🙂

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me.
And no one knows, how far it goes…

Well, that’s our jurney in Sadranan Beach. We left it around 10am.

Thanks for reading!

See ya! :)😁


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