From the Dinning Table

June 15th, my classmates and I did a Iftar-Gathering. We booked at D'Cost Restaurant one big table, for 20 people. This is Electronical Engineering Class, so that's why most of us are boys. πŸ˜€ There're only 6/20 girls in the class. But we very enjoy of every moment we've already made. ^_^ We always have... Continue Reading →

Hey-Ho, New Fella!

Hi! So, last month I bought my first DSLR (yippiiiieee πŸ˜€ ). I'd been looking for the good one for me. Then I found a very nice photographer's blog. He posts many good feeds about photography. He is Danilu (daniluphoto). Just check out his good work here. I commented on one of his post to... Continue Reading →

Jogja-Trip |Sadranan Beach

Weeks ago (Feb 25th, 2017), my classmates and I took a one-day-trip to Jogja (Yogyakarta). We spent all day long to explore Jogja. Start from Sadranan Beach, then Mangunan Pine Forest (Imogiri), and last but not least Tamansari Water Castle. So, this is the best part of this fabulous trip, Sadranan Beach. πŸ™‚ This trip... Continue Reading →

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